Randy Sears

Randy Sears

Operations Director, MMCi

We are very excited about the impact MMCi graduates are having in the challenging field of Management of Clinical Informatics. MMCi alumni are actively engaged in consulting, provider, vendor, and payer organizations in a wide variety of roles. Some have started exciting new career paths, while others are in positions of organizational leadership, working domestically and internationally.

The value of this unique curriculum is demonstrating itself in the industry. Compare the MMCi program to your career plans and goals. How does this program meet your needs and how does it compare to other programs in meeting those needs?

The MMCI program has three unique and important characteristics for you to consider:

  • Unique Curriculum
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning
  • Focused Career Development

The curriculum is a combination of business and health informatics courses taught by thought leading Duke Faculty, who work at the intersection of health care and technology. Please review the faculty profiles and consider their experience and expertise.

Second, the program is designed to foster peer-to-peer learning with a strong diversity of experience and perspective represented in the class. You will be challenged to work in small study teams, made up of individuals who have different backgrounds from yourself. As you work together to solve the challenges presented in curriculum you will have times to lead, times to follow and you’ll grow through both. Consider what MMCi graduates say about their experience with their peers.

Third, the MMCi program delivers a customized and focused career development program. Students are prepared for job search if they are seeking a new role, or career development if they plan to grow in their current organizations. Additionally, through industry panels and special topics speakers, students are exposed to a wide variety of health industry firms, which have informatics as a core part of their business strategy. These events create both learning and networking opportunities.

It is the goal of the MMCi dedicated team of Catherine Diederich, Ellen Baker, and I to ensure the MMCi program provides you with the best educational experience you can find. In turn, we have the benefit of working with highly motivated, optimistic people who are making an investment in themselves, and a commitment to improving quality and lowering the cost of health care.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how the MMCi program might fit your career plans. MMCi alumni are also willing to share their perspective of the program and we will gladly connect you someone who has a similar background or professional goals.

Phone: 919.681.8817
Office: Hock Building
2424 Erwin Road, Suite G06, Rm G031
Durham, NC, 27705

Catherine S. Diederich

Catherine S. Diederich

Associate Director, MMCi

Catherine Diederich is a healthcare leader and educator with over 20 years of experience. In healthcare, her organizational acumen includes experience in home care, hospice, mental health, and serving people who are blind or deaf. She led organizations through initial accreditations, including The Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Her leadership in developing and expanding programs includes fostering strategic growth in extending education and digital innovations to people with disabilities from one county to 12 states. Over $9 million was raised as an endowment fund to ensure continuation of service for these individuals. She has authored/co-authored international, federal, state and private grants totaling over $10 million. Gannett Media selected the organization she led as an Excelsior Award Winner for Excellence.

Catherine received a doctorate from Northern Illinois University in Leadership and in Educational Administration. Her research focus on the restructured Illinois’ state funded universities brought insight on the value of academic state-wide change. Subsequently she shared her knowledge in an educational setting. As lead faculty for healthcare administrative issues, including HIPAA, Meaningful Use, ICD/CPT coding. Students voted her as Faculty Member of the Year.  In 2015, she expanded her knowledge as a student in Duke University’s MMCi program.

Catherine is currently the Associate Director of Duke MMCi program and has a unique view as an alumnus of the Program and previous faculty member. In her role, Catherine handles curriculum development, admissions, marketing, and student services.  She launched a short-course called MMCi 411 to educate new graduates and prepare them for entry into the MMCi program. 

She is recognized for exceptional listening skills, intuitiveness and creative approaches to problem solving. She is currently a member of HIMSS, AMIA, AHIMA, and holds licensures from AMT and NHA.

Ellen Jane Baker

Ellen Jane Baker

MMCi Executive Coach

Ellen Baker is founder of Culture2Culture, a professional development, cultural and organizational change consulting company specializing in organizational culture and global program development and implementation. Ellen’s expertise in human capital, cross-cultural communication, diversity, global teaming and collaboration, corporate culture, business protocol and the evaluation of how cultural differences impact business, stem from 30 years of management experience with international executives and diplomats in corporate America and the international arena. Ellen speaks flawless French, English and excellent Spanish, has experience in 32 countries and has resided in Europe and in Mexico. She is a dynamic consultant and trainer who excels at creating relevant and impactful programs and delivering experiential learning, which engages clients in all forums to interact. Her business acumen, networking savvy, market knowledge and keen observation and intuitive skills enable her to guide individual clients to self-discovery and prioritization of their needs in a comforting and reassuring manner. She always connects the dots…

For over 30 years Ellen has been a human resource professional and executive coach specializing in career strategy, leadership development, recruiting, talent management, development of corporate cultures, all geared to enhance employee performance. She is known for her work with corporations on developing a “Culture of Excellence”.  She also collaborates with start up ventures, helping them to form synergistic teams and unique cultural environments that foster creativity and efficiency.

Ellen is currently working as the Career Development Director for the MMCi, Master of Biostatistics and PhD of Biostatistics programs at the Duke School of Medicine where she teaches professional development with an emphasis on the crucial interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills. Previously, she was an Executive Coach for 17 years at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and Director of MBA Resources at the College of Management of NC State University.

Cindy Seymour

Cindy Seymour

Cindy Seymour retired her position as Duke MMCi Senior Program Coordinator in 2017 but continues in a part-time role to support program events and activities. Prior to coming to Duke School of Medicine, she was Assistant Director at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business for the EMBA Health Sector Management Certificate Program. Cindy received her A.B. in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her M.Ed. from North Carolina State University. Cindy’s professional background also includes administrative experiences across student affairs at Peace College in Raleigh, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and NC State University that include appointments in admissions, registration and alumni affairs.

Cindy resides in Raleigh NC and enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 children and 3 granddaughters. She greatly values her opportunity to continue to work with Duke MMCi faculty, staff and students.

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