About the Duke Clinical Informatics Program

Kevin Schulman, Duke MMCi Clinical Informatics Director

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Randy Sears, Duke MMCi Clinical Informatics Program Operations Director

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As clinical informatics become even more critical to the delivery of quality health care, so does the expertise required to optimize its potential within health care organizations. The Master of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi) prepares graduates to serve in key managerial and executive positions, from management consultant to chief medical information officer, across academia, government, and industry.

Launched in 2010, the MMCi program is based on a 12-month weekend format that is tailored to the learning and career development needs of both working professionals and industry newcomers. As the only multidisciplinary program of its kind in the U.S., the MMCi program leverages Duke University’s world-renowned track record in medicine, business, and health informatics. As a result, MMCi students have access to the finest thought leaders, experiential learning, and resources across health care, IT, and business.

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Interested applicants can email mmci@duke.edu or call 919-613-0310 for more information.