Mitch Krieger

“The MMCi program provided me the tools to successfully transition my career from clinical practice to informatics leadership. The program’s unique blend of business and informatics training provides the exact skillset needed to transform the healthcare delivery paradigm. Each and every day, I find myself drawing upon the knowledge I’ve derived from the program. The ROI on my investment in the MMCi program has been tremendous. It was one of the best career decisions I have ever made.”
Mitchel Krieger, MD, FACS, MMCi, Chief Medical Information Officer, Cleveland Clinic London
Raquel Bartz, MD

“The best part of the MMCi program, were the interactions with students who had an IT background. By having a better understanding of the skillset and language of my current IT colleagues, I have been able to participate in current and plan future healthcare IT projects that I hope will improve the care of my patients. MMCi was invaluable in providing me with the opportunity of projects that I have been able to participate in. Because of my MMCi knowledge, I have consulted on IT related grants, helped with a hospital throughput project, and am trying to design a provider to patient communication portal for transplant patients.”
Raquel Bartz, MD, DUMC

Andrew Blonde

“MMCi positioned me to realize significant impacts on shaping value for patients, payers, and providers through woven efforts and a deepened exposure to Healthcare information, analytics, IT, policy, strategy, and operations. I am able to stand strong and unique, armed with an unmatched breadth of knowledge to pioneer a new future for the developing healthcare system, while rocketing my career to a senior level status as a result of my integrated studies at Duke’s School of Medicine. Upon graduation, I accepted a position as a Senior Healthcare consultant at a Big 4 firm. I immediately landed a major long term project focused on the integration of several state wide payers on a single platform, striving to expand coverage and accessibility, while accommodating the ACA exchange. This opportunity to make decisions on a daily basis that impact the health of millions, engaging and expanding the tools MMCi helped to shape, is exciting and humbling in a time when healthcare is defining our nation.”
– Andrew Blonde, MMCi 2014, Senior Associate Health Care Advisory Services at PwC
Lawrence Crawford, MD

“Given that part of the MMCi program is concerned with informatics and technology it was important and quite fortuitous to have a portion of the class to be of a generation that is really the first one to have grown up using computers and with heavy exposure to technology and informatics. As a consequence, I found that their way of thinking and problem solving was far different from mine and thus made for a great mix in the group discussions and projects. Sometimes it just made me smile and shake my head in wonder and amazement at how different and great that experience was.”
Lawrence Crawford, MD, Cardiologist DUHS
Mwombeki Fabian, MD

“I came to the MMCi program after medical training and an internship in Tanzania, seeking opportunities to merge my medical background and interest in technology. The MMCi program gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience and opened a number of doors. In addition to using my degree in my current role at Deloitte, I have also been able to use what I learned in the business courses for personal financial success, an opportunity I never had in Medical School. I know I can always tap into the resources and knowledge that the MMCi team has to offer to make me the best healthcare business leader I can be.”
– Mwombeki Fabian, MD, Consultant Deloitte
Tyler Jordan

“The MMCi program provides its students with a holistic overview of a health ecosystem that is rapidly changing. In the past five years alone, legislative efforts have incentivized the adoption of health information technology, while also shifting the reimbursement paradigm from one that rewards volume toward one that rewards value. Understanding the commercial impact of these industrial changes has proven to be a pivotal aspect of my current career in population health analytics.”
– Tyler Jordan, MMCi, PMP, Associate Director at Optum
Bradley Kolls, MD, PhD

“Personally, my opportunity to be an EPIC Champion stemmed from my MMCi training, and I am applying the concepts to my translational and clinical research programs, and use the business concepts daily in managing my two services. Overall, the MMCI program has done as much or more for me to date than my PhD in terms of career development.”
Bradley Kolls, MD, PhD, Neurology DUHS
Victor Palli

“MMCi is an excellent program for technology executives transitioning into the healthcare arena from a non-healthcare background. It has the right content – an in-depth understanding of the Healthcare industry, the right framework – the case approach that provides a unique learning experience through rigorous analysis and classroom discussion, with cohorts from different backgrounds who challenge and shape your thinking through the course of the program. The unique partnership with the Fuqua School of Business prepares you for the challenges of management, while the faculty from the School Of Medicine provides invaluable insights into healthcare IT from their own experiences. MMCi leadership has defined a program that provides the tactical as well as the strategic depth and the knowledge needed to handle the challenges of Healthcare IT. The ethics component of MMCi reminds you of the unique difference between healthcare and other industries – the human life at the center.

The in-depth coverage of standards and interoperability fostered my interest in Meaningful Use, and after graduation, I was able to leverage that knowledge into standards setting initiatives at the Office of the National Coordinator for health IT (ONC). In my current role at the Strategic Innovations Group at Booz Allen, I am able to leverage my MMCi knowledge and experience into defining Health IT capabilities for healthcare clients.”
– Victor Palli, Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Chris Roth, MD

“The MMCi program I credit as one of the smartest things I’ve ever done professionally or for my own personal development… the beauty of the program is that we get the most IT savvy classmates…”
Chris Roth, MD, Associate Chair of Radiology for HIT and Clinical Informatics, DUMC


“MMCi is such a powerful program in the world of clinical informatics. I am finding that many of the things I have learned I am able to apply in my field and there are many degree programs that you cannot say that about. The program truly helped me in determining where I see myself in the healthcare IT area.”
– Melodie Staton, MMCi, Senior Informatics Analyst at Duke Translational Medicine Institute

Luci Vance

“My initial attraction to MMCi was the distinctive course offering, positioned at the highly relevant crossroads of healthcare, information technology, and business administration. MMCi proved to be about so much more than a strong curriculum. It was about the people. The opportunity to interact with such a diverse group of individuals, both educators and peers, each with an undeniable passion for improving healthcare, is unrivaled. There is such a unique and valuable dimension of learning that comes from a stimulated debate between a software engineer, a healthcare provider, and a business manager. Learning to work as a cohesive team and leverage each member’s talents was both exciting and challenging. My personal and professional growth in the program has paved the way for a fulfilling career, where I truly feel I have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the revolution of healthcare. I am proud to call myself an MMCi alum.”
– Luci Vance, MMCi 2013, Quality Project Consultant, Cone Health