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 Alumni Profile

MaryamYounesMaryam Younes
Bioinformaticist and Project Manager
Duke Translational Medicine Institute
MMCi Class of 2013

Why did you decide to pursue a health informatics degree?

About three years ago, I was finishing up my undergraduate studies and was really at a crossroads in my professional career. I happened to come across health informatics – prior to that point, I really did not know opportunities like this existed – and in doing more research, discussing with professionals and academics in the field, I realized that this was something special. As a kid, people always asked me, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” And I always replied so matter-of-factly, “I want to save the world.” In this field, I know that I can make a difference, I can reach the global population, and I can affect positive change in people’s lives.

Why did you choose MMCi over other health informatics programs?

Duke University has such a solid reputation, and I knew that I would receive a top-notch education here. So in terms of prestige, MMCi was a frontrunner. I think what really sold me on this program versus other health informatics programs, though, was the tight-knit community that I would become a part of, as well as the inspiring and stimulating discussions I had with the faculty, staff, and alumni prior to making my final decision. I could sense the passion and the commitment to the program and its students. The support that MMCi was able to offer me academically, professionally, and personally was why I ultimately chose to be a part of the MMCi family.

What did you value most about the MMCi program?

Not only were the faculty knowledgeable and fully invested in our education, but the sense of community and the support we received from faculty and staff, and the support we provided for one another was truly more than I could have ever asked for. The program was set up in such a way that we were able to gain such a tremendous amount of knowledge not just through the curriculum, but also from each other – which is, in my opinion, much more valuable than anything you can read in a book. Real life, practical, hands-on experience and training. That’s what MMCi has to offer.

How has your MMCi experience and degree impacted your career?

I would not have my current job if I had not been a part of the MMCi experience. The contacts I made throughout my time in the program, the internships in which I partook, and the career counseling sessions that were offered (thanks Ellen!) truly catapulted my hiring potential. It was actually through one of my internships (an opportunity provided by MMCi) that I met and started working with my current boss. With the experience gained during my internship and the management background offered by the MMCi curriculum, I was able to land my current job as a Bioinformaticist and Project Manager at Duke Translational Medicine Institute (DTMI).