Remote Participation Option

The Duke MMCi program admits one class every year in August and completes the degree in 12 months. Students average over 12 years of work experience and come from clinical, technology, and business backgrounds. The integrated curriculum of business and clinical informatics courses is designed to prepare graduates to undertake the challenges of cost and quality in health care with a skill set that works at the intersection of technology, business, and medicine.

The program is formatted for working professionals and offered in two scenarios. First, the program is offered with classes held on-site at Duke every other Friday and Saturday. Second, the program is offered to select individuals to be onsite approximately one class weekend per month and participate remotely one class weekend.  In both scenarios, class days run 8AM to 5PM every other Friday and Saturday.

Remote Participation

The MMCi program is admitting 8 to 12 students who attend class on-site for 13 class weekends and participate from remote locations 11 class weekends. The effect is that students participate in class on the Duke campus 1x per month and participate from a remote location 1x per month. Students participating in the combination on-site and remote scenario must participate live synchronously via audio and video technology such as WebEx on the remote class weekends.

The following conditions apply to the combined on-site and remote students.

  • Students must apply and be accepted to the MMCi program.
  • Remote students are required to be on-site 13 class weekends out of 24 total weekends.
    • Required 13 on-site class weekends are: 1st, 3rd, and 6th class weekends of each term.
  • Remote students “attend” class live as active participants via technology on remote class weekends.
    • Remote students may participate from a single remote location or individually.
  • All Students required to attend MMCi Boot camp & Orientation (August July 27th through 30th).
  • Remote Student Scholarship is equivalent to 25% of Standard Tuition.

For more Information: Randy Sears, MMCi Operations Director,