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The minimum requirements for admission to Duke University’s MMCi program include:

  • Undergraduate degree from a 4-year accredited program
  • Academic transcripts, as relevant
  • Responses to essay questions, to assess readiness and interest
  • Two letters of recommendation addressing work or educational experience
  • Interview with the program director by phone or in person

GMAT/GRE is not required for application, but the program reserves the right to require for admission.

Round Application Deadline
Early Admission December 1, 2020
Round 2 January 20, 2021
Round 3 March 7, 2021
Round 4 April 30, 2021
Late Acceptance July 1, 2021

Additional Considerations

  • College-level calculus and statistics courses, as well as computer skills, are highly recommended.
  • International students: GRE/GMAT required. TOEFL test scores may be waived for international students graduating from colleges or universities which provide instruction in English.

Most students are working full time or part time while in the MMCi program. For those who are not working, we strongly encourage getting involved with projects or independent studies to help link class room topics to the real world. The program can assist students in finding unpaid internships on campus.

Apply to MMCi

The online application is now available. No application fee, limited placements are available.

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