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The MMCi program has built career development into its curriculum, as everything we do is meant to inspire and introduce the next wave of leadership into the health care industry. In addition to networking and exposure to industry professionals, the team structure of the coursework purposefully recreates real-world interaction that our graduates will encounter in their careers.

Career Development

MMCi’s proprietary Career Development program, created expressly for the program by its Executive Coach and Career Expert Ellen Jane Baker, focuses on enhancing the careers of both recent graduates and experienced professionals, and is designed to foster growth and leadership across a variety of industries and specialties.

The Career Development curriculum centers around collaboration and teamwork, and involves a variety of components:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Individual executive coaching sessions
  • Walk up hours during class weekends
  • Specialized courses for international students and MDs
  • Videotaped interview and presentation practice
  • Company visits and invited expert speakers

Career Curriculum

  • Personal Assessment and Definition of Career Goals
  • Creation of a Marketing Strategy
  • Instruction and Practice in Networking Techniques
  • Instruction and Practice of Informational and Job Interviews Utilizing the Duke Network
  • Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers
  • Leveraging Experiential Learning Opportunities

About the MMCi Career Development Director

Ellen Jane Baker, MA, has been an executive coach and career development professional for 20 years. She has broad global corporate and university management experience, and is recognized for excellent interpersonal skills, ability to persuade, passion for excellence, creating synergies and converting vision into quantifiable results. She has created and taught the career management curriculum to MMCi students since its inception and has taught and coached executives at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke for 15 years. She has specific experience in the health care sector and has worked with many professionals at the Duke University Medical Center and other major medical centers. View her Linkedin profile.

Alumni Testimonial

“My initial attraction to MMCi was the distinctive course offering, positioned at the highly relevant crossroads of health care, information technology, and business administration. MMCi proved to be about so much more than a strong curriculum. It was about the people. The opportunity to interact with such a diverse group of individuals, both educators and peers, each with an undeniable passion for improving health care, is unrivaled. My personal and professional growth in the program has paved the way for a fulfilling career, where I truly feel I have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the revolution of health care. I am proud to call myself an MMCi alum.”

Luci Vance

Quality Project Consultant, <a href="">Cone Health</a>

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