M. Chris Gibbons, MD, MPH

Chris GibbonsDr. Gibbons is a recognized international authority on Consumer Health Informatics/Digital Health, health innovation and medically underserved populations (Racial and ethnic minorities, seniors, disabled, incarcerated etc). Dr Gibbons pioneered the field of Populomics which represents the synthesis of the fields of Population Sciences, Medicine and Informatics. Populomics has also formed a foundation for emerging Precision Medicine initiatives. Recently, Dr; Gibbons has been invited to Duke University School of Medicine to teach health innovation and strategy in the Master of Management in Clinical Informatics program. While at Johns Hopkins he also developed innovative care delivery models that improved care and outcomes among uninsured inner city residents and ex-offenders. As the Founder and CEO of The Greystone Group, Inc., a digital health strategy, consulting and innovation firm, Dr. Gibbons led a multidisciplinary team of experts who authored several senior level federal reports for the National Institutes of Standards and Technology which have been used to enhance the design, evaluation, certification and testing of Electronic Health Records and other health information technologies. He also established the nation’s first seed stage health technology incubator (DiversIT Health) that is focused primarily on nontraditional innovators and solutions targeting medically underserved populations. As Chief Health Innovation Adviser to the Federal Communications Commission he provides critical health insight to the agency and led the development of the agency’s vision of a future national “on demand” technology enhanced health care delivery ecosystem. His team also produced a unique analytic software platform, that is enabling the agency to develop new insights regarding current national health technology capabilities and highlighting new business opportunities for technology enhanced population health improvement. Dr. Gibbons also helped the FCC create a public private collaboration between FCC, NIH/NCI, Amgen Pharmaceuticals, University of California San Diego Design Lab and the Markey Cancer center in Lexington KY, to demonstrate the future of connected care for cancer in one of the nation’s most challenged communities. Finally, Dr. Gibbons has been publicly described as an “unparalleled thought leader”. He is passionately working to improve the health of the underserved and of the health sector itself through the development of new care delivery and healthcare business revenue models that are responsive to current market dynamics.