Michael B. Waitzkin

Michael B. Waitzkin“Privacy is a core ethical issue. Unfortunately, there is an inverse relationship between the utility of the data and efforts to protect the patient’s privacy. Striking the right balance is essential, but very difficult.”

Michael B. Waitzkin is an entrepreneur, consultant and part-time academic.

He is the Chief Executive Officer and a founder of Genomeon LLC, a start-up company developing and commercializing a unique genomic diagnostic technology.

He is the principal at Catawba Consulting and provides strategic counsel to the biomedical research community, including private and public companies, academics, government officials and non-profits.

He has a long association as guest lecturer and adjunct at Duke. He was a Senior Scholar and adjunct faculty member at the Fuqua School of Business, where he regularly taught for 14 years, lecturing on ethics and politics of developing biotechnologies and conflicts of interest. Beginning this fall, he will be a Senior Fellow in the new Science & Society Program and will be co-teaching the core Science, Law & Policy course with Nita Farahany (with an adjunct appointment in the Law School) He also will resume teaching the ethics seminar in the Masters of Management in Clinical Informatics Program, as it moves to the Medical School (with an adjunct appointment in the Medical School.)

He practiced law in the District of Columbia for 35 years, including serving as Special Counsel to the President in the White House Counsel’s Office (1997-98).

He attended the University of Virginia (BA 1971; Phi Beta Kappa, Echols Scholar), Stanford Law School (JD 1974) and Yale Law School (LLM 1975, Commonwealth Fellow in Law, Science and Medicine).