Claire Howell

Claire Howell

“Information Technology is a Strategic Differentiator.” When Performance Services Management Engineer Claire Howell heard Dr. Jeff Ferranti make that statement, she recognized the power of  information technology.

“The classes from MMCi help me understand how to use IT from a business perspective.  I now take the IT knowledge I have and make it meaningful and actionable.”

Through the MMCi career curriculum, Ms. Howell was able to establish an environment of development that encouraged focused inquiry and how to stay ahead in the IT market. “I’m learning not only what is coming, but what I can do about it,” she stated. After being in class and learning from the current thought-leaders in healthcare, Ms. Howell remarked that she is amazed at the gap of operational knowledge and disconnect in areas of healthcare. When asked about her overall career goals, Ms. Howell said she wants to use data to drive process improvement, but she has even bigger goals for the IT industry.

“We want to be on the offense and control the environment because we know the drivers. We want to be the disruptors.”

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